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Beach House, Alpaca pledd "curly like coffee"

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Beach House, Nydelig alpakkapledd i målene 170X130.  89% alpakka, 11% akryl.

This exclusive product is made of high quality alpaca. Alpacas live in the Andes in South America up to an altitude of over 4000 m. As a result of their harsh living conditions, alpacas have developed into hardy animals with thick fleece made up of unique hollow core fiber, that is light weight and warming. Alpaca is soft like cashmere and stronger than wool. The softness and the fact that alpaca contains no lanolin makes it non-itching and hypoallergenic. You can find 22 different natural colors in alpaca fiber. This Beach House Alpaca Line product gives you warmth, softness and luxury – all packed in one.


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Beach House

Beach House

Lekkert sengetøy fra Beach House Company


Superskjønt sengetøy i myk jerseykvalitet. Laget av samme kvalitet som t-skjorter er laget av. Vaskes på 60 grader. Ingen bleking eller rensing, men kan fint tørkes i tørketrommel. Vi elsker det!

If the laid-back coastal lifestyle is just what you need even when temperatures aren't sizzling, then come visit a California beach. Grab a coffee from the local coffee shop and enjoy winter by the sea!
"California coast" conjures up images of surf, sun and sand. Add cute shops, little diners and half-hidden vineyards amongst the rolling hills dotted with oak trees, and you've got the set-up for a perfect summer.The West Coast is equally beautiful in winter. On a foggy day the light can quietly break through the clouds like a sign from heaven. You may not want to play in the sand or water, but the surf picks up in winter and makes us feel truly alive.
America's west coast is the natural home of jersey bedding. The knitted sheets are lovely during the hot summer months, and transition seamlessly to other seasons. Your bedroom may not be icy cold, still many find ordinary percale sheets too crisp in winter, making jersey sheets a good buy all year round.

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